We want to keep everyone apprised of our latest development and timelines. First of all, I am very thankful to all the support from the community along with our development team who have been working hard on the AMCHART initiative.

Workout Apps

Click Here for our Beta Health, Sleep and Workout app

We have released our iOS app in a soft launch on May 31st and have made some tweaks to it before pushing the invite to our email lists, channels, etc.

The AMCHART team has requested feedback after a 2 week usage on the app, which will trigger a feedback form to your email, and in return, we are offering 150AMC tokens to say thank you for both good and constructive feedback.

If you decide to download the app, please make sure and be honest with your feedback! Even though we want to please everyone, assess the app for its merit and not because we are rewarding you for your feedback, please.

Seeing things like, “I lost 87lbs using this app” makes no sense. If you don’t like it, it’s ok, please be honest, we will still honor our token reward to you.

We know how the current market is about tokens, feedback rewards only for positive statements, etc. and don’t want you to think we are looking for undeserved accolades. We seek long term adoption and the only way that happens is to make changes based on what you want as a consumer.

So don’t worry, give us honest feedback and we will appreciate you more for it!

Many people have requested information on timelines. Please see below:

The iOS app is released, but will always be evolving. We are revamping some of the look and feel with other features to come.

July 31st — device integration into the iOS app and for the upcoming Android app. Some of the devices to be included are Dexcom, Samsung Gear/Samsung Health, Everion, Withings, etc.

July 31st — Android app release with devices integrated.

July 31st — we also plan on releasing the GDPR compliant versions of both the Android and iOS app.

July 31st — AMCHART team has marked this date for the Beta release of the AMCHART Personal Health Record. This will have your initial patient registration, personal dashboard, documentation capture, and other functionalities that will connect the data from the mobile app to your record. This will also begin the testing ground of our incentive based programs and rewards through an eventual built-in wallet (later release).

September 30th — Our tentative launch date for the AMCHART EMR — provider facing we app. Physicians can begin with accessing patient data shared through the PHR and begin inputting notes. We will be testing various workflows with multiple updates the following few weeks.

Is this a major development push? Absolutely it is, but our team is lean, determined, and working very hard. As an organization, we couldn’t be more blessed! Will be writing an article soon on how we are working in India to begin data capture and our health intervention strategies.

Please reach out to me directly with questions or comments at [email protected]