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I’ll start with a story. 

Picture this – you are sitting in an airplane – there are three seats on each side – you are sitting by the window – a very nice elderly couple sits next to you –  soon, you begin talking – they are very nice and very much in love. You make jokes and talk more. The conversation gets deeper and soon you find out that the Husband has STAGE 4 CANCER – and they are visiting doctor’s offices all over the USA to try and fight this cancer … he only has months to live. 

True Story. This STORY actually happened to me last week. I recently flew to the Largest healthcare convention #HIMSS #HiMSS18 – our CEO Dr. Aman Quadri was speaking. But this hit home because my father passed away last year and he had to fill out form after form. 

Why do people have to fill out form-after-form wherever they go – the doctors don’t talk to each other?

The healthcare data system is relatively broken. 

Are you tired of filling out tons of MEDICAL FORMS? We are too.

  • Did you know that more people die from medical errors than from cancer?
  • Medical Errors (also known as iatrogenic deaths) killed 783,936 people: 

It’s not your fault Doctor’s offices don’t talk to each other.

We want to give your MEDICAL HISTORY to YOU the consumer. 

It is time to bring your medical data out of the stone age on that note … Enjoy this podcast:



Imagine – having your entire medical record on your phone or tablet – you could give it to any doctor you want to and every piece of information was verified and confirmed by several doctors offices. Every surgery, every allergy, every drug you or your family has ever taken. That’s what we are doing. 

– AMSYS is a 100 Million Dollar Debt-Free Company. 

– We have been working in the medical industry for decades. 

– The CEO is a practicing Physical Therapist

Why do we care?

We believe that if you have the right MEDICAL DATA you can save lives. 

– We want to change the world’s healthcare data so you can walk into any doctor’s office and have your entire medical history at the touch of a button. 

What are your thoughts?

What do you feel is the future of blockchain technology. 

Tell me your thoughts – your feedback is appreciated. 

Charles John
Marketing Director AMCHART