EMR – Electronic Medical Record

The Amchart team has consistently evaluated the current EMRs in production, and frankly, none are designed for true collaboration. EMRs are designed towards billing and not wellness and this thought process has to change!.

Statistics show that “for every 2 minutes a physician interacts with a patient, they need 3 minutes of documentation time.” Physician burnout, increased dissatisfaction, and decreased face time with patients are all symptoms from inadequate EMRs.

There is a shift in the EMR landscape, but it is slow, and driven by the legacy companies to force providers into a confined way of thinking. We believe that providers are unique and need the tools to practice creative medicine.

The Amchart team realizes that we cannot solve all problems but can work towards finding an efficient solution so physicians can go back to doing what they do best, provide great care!

We plan to launch a basic, workflow based EMR in our clinic in Mumbai, India. The Amsys Heart and Diabetes clinic (www.amsyshd.com) will be the first of many to test out and help define what is truly needed by providers for efficient practice. Our goal here will be to use guidelines/templates to make documentation time to 7 minutes or less.

We will be working on taking the lessons learned from our Phase 1 approach and applying increased business logic, experimenting with NLP, and working on clinical decision making and medication reconciliation platforms. Expect to see results of this around Q1 of 2019.

Here is where we want to think outside of the box! Our audacious goal is to have a fully voice controlled EMR with intuitive capabilities. Some of the features we want to explore:

  • Hands free usage
  • Using NLP, take unstructured conversation and place the appropriate data into the right fields without interactive from physician
  • Occasional prompting to capture items needed to satisfy the business office needs
  • Robust clinical decision making tools based on patient data
  • Allowing the physician to spend 3 minutes or less of documentation at the end of the appointment