AmChart Analytics

Our data science team will be working on value added services for providers, patients, and other healthcare organizations. Some of the unique offerings we are in the midst of developing and will be testing soon include:

  • On-demand reporting – taking longitudinal data over several years and creating easily manageable documents for providers and patients to review. Can save physicians hundreds of hours in review time.
  • Master Patient Index – being able to utilize one identification number across multiple providers and networks.
  • Clinical Decision Support – using data as an adjunct to treatment for providers by showing trends, potential adverse events, and potential areas to seek further investigation into at patient condition.
  • Medical Reconciliation – the ability to educate patients on when to take medicine, discover interaction events, and to trigger alerts if medications should not be given together based on condition and cross-network data from providers.
  • Targeted Education – patients who keep up to date with their information inside the Personal Health Record can receive up-to-date information on disease conditions, wellness, and advice based on their current conditions.