Building Simple Technologies to Aggregate Healthcare Data for Patients, Providers, and Life Sciences.

50 million lives by 2023

Current healthcare data problem

Pharma, life science, and research organizations have access to limited data, and what they do have access to comes from the United States and European markets. This is a limiting factor for the creation of new drugs and interventions. What global healthcare data is available, typically resides either on paper (difficult to obtain), or EMR data which is antiquated and difficult to query.

Imagine the ability to find, curate, and bring to market longitudinal healthcare data from phenotypes which are under represented in the marketplace, such as SE Asian, Latin American, and beyond. This would shift the ability to improve:

Drug efficacy in multiple ethnic groups

Targeted treatment in rare disease states

Improved population health

Increased educational opportunities associated with specific cultures

Our Solution

The AmChart platform was created to bring these datasets to market, but more importantly, help provide physicians/organizations with the ability to use simple technologies to treat patients through our EMR, patients to have ownership of their data through the Personal Health Record (PHR), and through collaboration between patients and providers through the Amchart Health Companion, the mobile app.

In addition, we are creating a suite of analytic products, which in time, will be able to provide Clinical Decision Support (CDS) within the EMR to the provider and patients will begin to learn more about their health and well-being with recommendations within the PHR.

To learn more about the individual products, please click the links below:

Where do we plan on starting?

Our goal is to start in the Asian market beginning with India, which is currently underway. Here are some key statistics about India:

  • 1.2 Billion people, which accounts for 25% of the world population
  • High incidence of Chronic Disease
  • 6X more likely to have Type 2 diabetes before age 50
  • 3X more likely to have cardiovascular disease
  • Largest growing ethnic group in the US
  • Require specific treatment regimens that can follow the patient in India and abroad

Unique penetration strategy as well by establishing a coordinated clinical care model – 1st clinic launched in October of 2018

A Flagship Clinic as a Multi-Faceted Tool

The flagship clinic will be connected to ~15 field offices with a strong focus on business development, marketing, and data capture.
Other advantages:

  • Ability to standardize clinic offerings
  • Fastest way to deploy our own technology
  • Efficient way to cover India’s massive geography
  • Credibility as a core provider helps open doors

The AmChart team realizes that technology can be a major hurdle to entry and it can be the difference between having digital records or staying on paper. So here is our promise: We will gladly give the AmChart platform to you or your organization FOR FREE in exchange to work with you understanding your healthcare data, helping patients be empowered with their data, and to help pharma and life science companies work with this data to enact helpful interventions!

We haven’t forgotten about our roots…our goal is not the EMR market, but rather how we use pieces of the AmChart ecosystem within the United States. We will be targeting insurance companies who want to use our Health Companion for vital sign management, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) who want to utilize our analytics and PHR as a patient portal, and provider organizations who want to engage their patients in specific healthcare initiatives.

3Q 2019

  • Analytics for 1st HIE
  • Launch 2nd Clinic (Mumbai)

4Q 2019

  • Launch 1st Patient Portal (HIE)
  • Launch 2nd HIE

1Q 2020

  • Launch 1st Market place (HIE)

2Q 2020

  • 10M Lives on Platform (US)
  • Launch 1st clinic outside of Mumbai

1Q 2020

  • 1st Aggregated Data Sale to Pharma (US)

2Q 2021

  • 5M lives on Platform (India)

1Q 2022

  • 10M Lives on Platform (India)

3Q 2022

  • 1st Aggregated Data Sale to pharma (India)

4Q 2023

  • 50M lives total